Ramere 10 Hui-tanguru

Friday 10 February

Today we took the tennis balls out so we could practice throwing and catching. Birkenhead has a tournament coming up and I would love the kids who are keen to join up and have a great cricket day out. These skills of catching and throwing are valuable life skills so if you have the chance to play "Bat down or Nonstop cricket" in the weekend it will reinforce the P.E skills we are learning at school.

We read the tree house treaty a book centered of Waitangi but involving other skills such as problem solving, consensus, team work and talk it out to sort it out.

We drew our own Tree-hut.

Then we got together in groups to draw just one tree house using different parts of the groups drawings. We found it easy to show the Essential skills and show respect to our group as well.

I was delighted!

These are our finished results!

Maths in room 11 today was finding fractions of a shape.

A fraction wall

2  halves make a whole

6/ 8 or  six eighths

2/4 or half

3/ 4 or three quarters

1/ 2 or one half

2 halves make 1 whole
2 /2

The boys reading to me.

Next week they are going to do the play!

Reiya and Anshu read a story about pests in our native bush and how one family tried to save our native birds, lizards and insects from the stoats, weasels and ferrets by setting traps and killing the nasty invaders.

This is the story they read. We will see these traps on our camp bush walk.

Look out for Mrs Arthur's competition.

Look out for the camp medical form. Please fill it in and send it back asap.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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