Raapa 8 Hui- tanguru

Wednesday 8 February

What a fabulous lot of enthusiastic learners showed up in class today.

Tomorrow is swimming.

We had fitness to grow our bodies and minds. At Camp Hunua we do a three hour hike up to some ancient Kauri trees. All our fitness will be helpful when we come to do that beautiful walk across Cossey dam and up into the Hunua Ranges. We had relays and played Scatterball. Amazingly it was a draw 69 runs for each team!

I typed out my job from the children's brainstorm yesterday. No wonder I am busy!

Today we finished brainstorming and shared the idea of what their job was. We found lots of them were the same and there were a few that were just their jobs.

We did handwriting with my Learning intention being the akonga thinking about what they need to practice so that learning is not just one size fits all. 

They told me the list of L.I they could have and then chose one that matched their need. 

This is stage one of Self Assessment. They then assessed it to see if they had achieved their goal. A+ for I can do this easily. A I have it sorted and N/A I need some help or more practice with it or teacher help.

We finished our cartoon self portraits.

How lucky I am to have such a gorgeous hardworking class!

Thanks to all the families who filled in their "Getting to know you" form.

Lunchtime fun. Last card.



This afternnon we had Kauri assembly. We met new children to NPS, sang a few songs and heard some stories from Room 12 kids.
Levi came 3rd in his sailing, Jack M ame first in "Bombing " of the Whangamata wharf and for eating a 1 Litre tub of icecream with his hands. Apparently he had "finger freeze" rather than "brain freeze" after he had won. We have a talented Kauri team!


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