Ramere 24 Hui-tanguru

Friday 24 February

It was lovely to meet all the families last night at parent interviews. I enjoyed getting your aspect of your child and how they thought and coupling it with mine. It's been a very short month of school where we have to get to know everyone (30 is quite a few) and marry this up with the Learning focus of being an active learner.

There has been a lot of discussion around this aspect of school life and now camp is a week and a bit away, the pro gramme really has a change of tack.

Next week we have first aide training and putting up the tents on Wednesday on the bottom field. If your child is sleeping in a tent please check it over and send it on Wednesday with them. It's part of the checking out and team building part of the "key competencies".

Tuesday I am away with the cricket teams at Takapuna.

Here are the teams. We leave at 8.10 am and are back before the end of the day.

Today we watched the TV 1 news from Room 12. We found we could scream, run fast and tell an adult very easily

                                                 Here is the link if you missed it.

Friday is stand Maths. It is measurement this term. Thanks to Jennie O'Rourke who came as a parent help. That was wonderful, thanks.

Proportion and ratios. Fractions and our first decimals!

 Our Written language was using our elaboration and 3 key ideas to create a recount of playing bob down tiggy. This was our model.

Some children are showing leadership skills by offering to run a lunchtime game on a roster. Oscar and Elliot want to run a dart competition. Here they are practicing the best fliers. Everyone loved it.

If you have access to scrap paper, we would love it. Once we had computer paper, now...

Lotte bought in a caterpillar who is living on our swan plant as we had eggs however the predators kept eating them before they hatched. Thanks!

Measuring in progress.

This afternoon we got into groups and acted out a play Maui and the Sun. They were great!
These were the groups.

Here are the drafts for our pastel art.

Have a great weekend.


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