Ramere 3 Hui- tanguru

Friday 3 February

We put our Kete up and shared our Taonga with each other.

Today we focused on what Waitangi day means to us.We came up with a few ideas.

First we brainstormed in groups what we thought Waitangi weekend was all about. Then we shared our ideas. Next we watched a You tube clip about Waitangi. From that Michelle and i inputted and clarified ideas that had come up in the little video.

After that, we looked at the main players in the celebration. The French, Captain Able Tasman who was the first known European to visit NZ ( Nova Zeelandia). Then King George, the whalers and sealers, Captain Cook, Busby, Hobson, the Maori people (who were the original inhabitants) and lastly the settlers from all over the world who flooded into New Zealand once the treaty was signed.

We looked at images of all these people and then created a huge roll play so that we knew why on February 6th each year we got a holiday. We all had parts and showed wonderful teamwork and co-operation. When we revisited our brainstorm, we were able to add lots more detail.

We all think we know a little more now. You can help by chatting about it with your child.

Some people had even been there!

Researching about Waitangi.

We also played a few games with the parachute.The children worked out our Learning intention was team work, co-operation, participating and contributing, relating to others and of course having FUN!

Silent reading was lovely as we were all hot and bothered after playing.

Chris de Groot came in and told us the proportions for drawing faces. We had a try at a draft first and then the "real deal".

Thanks Chris.

The proportion trick.

The lovely Lotte.

We'll show you our cartoon art portraits when we have finished them.

See you all next Tuesday. Don't forget it's Waitangi weekend.


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