Rahina 20 Hui- Tanguru

Monday 20 February

Fitness had us running and doing some cricket bowling. Ask your child to show you how to do it.

We finished our poems "I am from..."

We had our pictures taken by Lotte and Tara to go with our poems.

Our learning intention was i can self assess and do improvement writing. Using their interesting adjectives they puffed out their writing to use words to "show me not tell me".

Some of their ideas were delicious and the improvements really lifted the level of their ideas.

Look at the gorgeous Room 11 crew.

We swam today after library. We did widths and lengths of all sorts of strokes. Some children find it easier to have goggles so that they don't crash into the pool walls.

Look at us go!

Maths in Room 11 was proportions and ratios as well as basic facts. The children feel as if they are improving and learning them quickly.

What proportion of the shape is shaded?

What proportion is unshaded?

Now we are starting equal sharing of a number.
1/2 of 6  or   2x?= 6                 ?= 3

1/ 4 of 8

4x ?= 8               ?= 2
We will be sharing out materials and linking it to our times tables.

Don't forget to have your child read for 15minutes a day. 


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