Rapare 2 Potu-te-rangi

Thursday 2 March

We have had a week of chaotic days sorting camp housekeeping. If your child is a little exciteable it is because we have been so out of routine and camp preparations are so much stressful fun!

Photos took place today.

This morning it was Te Whare. We were doing rakau sticks. The noise was high but it was really fun.
The children's hands felt oily from all the handling and passing the sticks

We have a new person to Room 11. Manaia, known as
Spike Rowen from Wellsford school. He has had a busy day what with tent errection and photos. 

Today we had an activity on the computer and chose different partners to work with on a couple of little activities. It was a great learning opportunity to find how other people learn and how out of our comfort zone several of us felt.

Hayley and Api did a great job of working well together.

After morning tea we put our tents up. It was roasting down there but we did an amzing job. Thanks to Mr Strachan who came and showed us how to pack up our tent. We ave the tents at school, ready to go to camp. 

Lotte's monarch butterfly caterpillar is growing and because the eggs are protected from predators we have had acouple of other caterpillars hatch as well. We are enjoying seeing the changes that are happening infront of our eyes.


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