Ratu 28 Poutu-te-rangi

Tuesday 28 March

Pat assessment starts this week. This shows us what children know and what they need to learn. It helps us with our planning and teaching and children with their goal setting.

It was great hearing from Noah and Emma who had been away. Thanks for your talk and photos.

Noah has walked the Able Tasman track and Emma has been to Germany.

In the middle of our Star PAT Reading assessment, the caterpillar started to change to a chrysalis. Lucky Lotta saw it! This was stage 1 then it dropped its skin and shrank before becoming a chrysalis.

James killed a wasp that was attacking the caterpillars in the garden.

Look how dark our other ones are.
We read Pig hunting out loud. We are all very nice roral readers.
Then we answered Literal questions from the text and answered one of our friends questions. Literal questions required you to be a great detective and skim and scan for the information once you have read it.

When your child is reading try asking your child a question and seeing if they can find the answer in the text.

Isi and Toa read their book beautifully. Well done with your fluency and good word attack.

We started painting our models. What fabulous Key competency skills most of us used. We were a great team player and co-operated so well!

Look at the finished results.

We got he clay and noticed how dirty it made the water. No wonder the Wairoa river was so brown.

Look at the silt from the clay and water.
This would go into the river and pollute the small river animals. They may even die!

Then we had fun making things from it. 
Tomrrow we need our old clothes as we are going to make something from our lumps of clay.

This we found out ended up out in our harbour in Wairoa Bay. Get your child to show you where.

Sorry about the mess but some of us did use my painting tee- shirts!

It was great learning and fun!


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