Ratu 21 Poutu-te rangi

Tuesday 21 March

Tomorrow is Family fun night. There will bestalls and food on sale as well as the children having a few races. You are most welcome to bring a picnic. Hopefully you may be able to join us from 5pm.

Today we thought up and tried out some races that we thought would be fun. Relays, ball and hoop races, cones and balls, batns and races, chalk drawing, tug of war, face-painting and parachute games all will be part of the entertainment.

Thanks Anton for getting Maggie's gluey goo from the roof!

Reading today. Finding key ideas in a text that has meaning for us!

The Mccomb mobile!Cool eh!

We are presenting Kauri Assembly tomorrow and have created the programme for it.
Recounts, poems, pictures, art work, songs and a dance all are part of the assembly.


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