Rahina 13 Poutu-te Rangi

Monday 13 March

Today was a day to establish our routines, get back into "Learning Zone" and get on with the business of being a great learner.

We began our cards to say thanks to those people who made the exit from camp effortless. I can see some of our written language skills have slipped over the past few weeks.

Fullstops are missing. Long rambling sentences with many ideas involved in the one sentence are rife.

Maths for my room was revising and grouping people depending on whether they could work out a fraction problem.

At camp we had 2 Kate and Leanne cooks. They had to share the chores. If there were 12 bags of nacho chips, how many bags did Kate have to open?

At camp there were 20 tins of spaghetti, 1/ 2 of the cans were? cans.

When some helpers came into the kitchen there were now 4 cooks. They had to crack the eggs for the scrambled eggs. If Kate cracked 1/ 4 of the eggs, how many did she crack?

1/ 5 of 30 pieces of toast had Vegemite on them. How many slices was that?

After lunch was library. So many children say they don't want to take a book out. Maybe you could start reading books that interest them at night if they are reluctant readers.

If they are readers I am thrilled!

Someone lost the pool key so we just had a dip. some kids are trialling for the inter-school swimming team.


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