Rahina 20 Poutu-te-rangi

Monday 20 March.

St Paddy's Day

Happy birthday Pippa for Friday, Sam for Sunday and Aaliyah for today!

Toa's cousins at the Festival

Drumming for his dance.

Happy St Paddys day. We watched  and tried to do some dancing, heard some Irish music and read about St Patrick for reading. We also listened to Dom's Irish Kilkenny cousins on Britain's got Talent. They were amazing!

For maths we measured with rulers in meters, cm and mm.

We are writing recounts of our camp adventure. This was our model. We can see speech to start, 3 key ideas turned into paragraphs that have been elaborated on.
We will add adjectives to create a picture in the readers imagination and a simile and possibly a metaphor.

Our first butterfly has hatched. We have heaps of chrysalis.

Our music was fun. 

Cruz on the xylophone.

Reading today was understanding maps. Michelle came in as a science teacher to discuss topographical maps.

Here was our site then we googled Hunua Auckland.

We found where the water drained to. Out into the Hauraki Gulf from the Wairoa River.
Wairoa means long water and we could see why!

We used a key to find out what the different colours mean.
We are going to make a topographical model and test some ideas we have.

We had library today.

Swimming was peer teaching. wow did the children improve at freestyle and backstroke.


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