Ratu 14 poutu-te- rangi

Tuesday 14 March

Cricket is tomorrow. The non cricketers are being split. 4 children per class across the block as i am taking 5 teams to Birkenhead. Thanks Tina for doing all the hard work and organizing it!

Sorry about the lack of photos. We have just been crazy busy.

Te Whare is fun. Miss Seales takes part of the Maori portion of school and I fill in the rest.

we do stick games, puzzles, learn the language, say our pepeha and play games. today we played Whizz in Maori. It was hard to remember to use Maori instead of English.

Our Maui and the sun pictures are up and look fabulous. I'll take some photos tomorrow.

Our letters were all conferenced and we published them. The other Kauri Teachers thought they look stunning and were most impressed at the art, content of the letters and the amazing handwriting in them.

Maths today was revision of fractions in problem solving.

I got out the mini Girl guide biscuits and we worked out a fraction of the biscuits. Then we ate them.

 1/ 4 of 24 bickkies

1/3 of 18 bickkies and so on. We even were able to do an equation as to how we got to that.
1/5 of 25 bickkies= 5+5+5+5+5=25
or 5x5=25

After maths we discussed "Learner qualities" and the hand signs that Kate de Groot is working with us to develop in our Professional development. We unpacked what thinking was, what to do when you got stuck and who could help.

Then we moved on to being "self aware" How you impact on others and how others impact on you and what you as a learner can do about me giving you the symbol for that quality.

Lastly, we discussed our new one, Determination and what it is and when you need to use it inside and outside the classroom. The kids did so well. Thanks Kate for helping us all to be great learners.

This afternoon for inquiry we wrote in window paint things that we were wondering about after our camp experience. What did your child wonder about? Ask them.


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