Ramere 3 Poutu-te rangi

Friday 3 March

Today we had several visitors in Elliott's spoodle Mia and Olivia's cockatiel Georgie.

We all want one!

James saved some caterpillar eggs. We now have 3 caterpillars.

We made our trail mix (no nuts) or scroggin for our ig walk. It took a while to get it done. While we waited for our turn with the ingredients we finished our Maui and the Sun art.

Look at what we made for our Hunua forest scene. We googled it and found theses insects, birds and protective measures so our beautiful NZ bush stays healthy. Ask us about it and pop in and see our amazing forest scene.

Sam's weta

Possum hunting dog and rat.

possum hunter who of course cleans and uses the disinfectant and brushes so the spores of the kauri dieback diseasea are not carried to other Kauri trees.

A long finned eel 

A healthy Kauri tree

Native birds and bat.

Rat trap.

Spray bottle and ants.


Brushes for cleaning the spore carrying soil from our shoes.


Here are acouple of our suns. Maui showed determination, perseverance, courage and thinking to be able to look at a problem and convince others to help him solve it. These are the skills we try to work on everyday in some way.


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