Rapare 16 Poutu-te-rangi

Thursday 16 March

Today we had a catch up Te Whare. However there was not much time to get involved as we had a fire alarm practice which though successful, meant we had little time to unpack or Maori prowess.

Reading was starting our Inquiry research. We want to make a paper mache topographical scene and then see how the water reacts coming into sand, clay and a soil mixture. These were some of our questions that we wanted to know.

These are some of our groups questions and where we could look for answers.

I thought there may be pigs and possums in the bush up there. This journal is about a little boy going pig hunnting in the rural areas.

Here is a close up of the girls cricket cup.

Maths in Room 11 today was 1/2 of a bigger number. Only a few children felt they had mastery over this.

This afternoon we did music. We will do the chimebar/xylophone part of it tomorrow as everyone wanted to perform their group solo.

Tomorrow we are making more music!


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