Rapare 29 Poutu- te -rangi

Wednesday 29 March

Tomorrow is the swimming interschool Sports.

Assessment week has started. Today we did Reading Comprehension.

Star assessment done, Reading taking place, maths and spelling to do.

Toa and Isi showed the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly in a diagram way.

The rest of us wrote the life cycle from a caterpillar's perspective or in actual real time sequence.

Everyone is very poor at using Capital letters and full stops. This is a basic Rubric 3 step and the children need to be on Rubric 4 or 5 to be At standard. I am going to focus on this for most akonga as the year 2 children who come to shae their writing with me are very skilled and can quickly spot the errors in our writing.

The students took these pictures for the blog. Ask your child whether the butterfly is male or female and how they know.

Room 12 had their very complex Assembly today. It was great with singing, music and dance as well as what learning has been going on.

Our Models are drying which is great!


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