Raapa 30 Poutu-te-rangi

Thursday 30 March

Information from Photolife for each child in Room 11on how to order photos is coming out in Thursday's NewSheet.

Each child has a unique shoot key code so it is essential you have the correct slip for each child. I am handing those out tomorrow.

Parents will have free delivery of orders until SUNDAY 23 APRIL. These orders will be delivered to school. After that time they can still order photos but there will be a delivery charge.

It was wonderful to see so many Room 11 children being involved in the interschool swimming competition.
These amazing people are going to have a wonderful time doing something really exciting.
Maggie, Dom, Noah, Pippa,Tara and Pippa.

Maths in Room 11 this week.

We had Te Whare today as Miss Pearson from Room 15 had to go to the swimming competition.

Scratch art in Te Whare.

We noticed that in the Bays, there was a small river carrying silt and clay into the school drains. 
We were horrified at the amount of clay that was heading out into the Onepoto Stream and then out into the harbour at Schoal Bay!

Our building site

Water pumped out down the hill carrying all the silt and clay into the playground.

We learnt where our water comes from. Listen to this video and find out!

Each of us would like a small box (like a shoe box) to make our water cycle diorama.

We discussed this poster and did lots of "wondering" and "making connections" like steam after the shower, mist when you blow on a window, steam when you boil the kettle.

We had two butterflies hatch. One looked damaged however we put them out to see if it would be survival of the fittest! It could be a harsh lesson in the frailties of nature.

Thursday is music day. We added to our music knowledge and played the chimebars and Xylophones so that it actually sounded like music! 


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