Rahina 27 Poutu-te-rangi

Monday 27, March

My voice has improved but it is a work in progress.

The chrysalis are starting to go black and we have several fat caterpillars who are turning to chrysalis.

Today we heard about how Spike went pighunting. That led us into our reading book that was about threats to our forest and ways to help stop predators and pests. Pighunting

Ask your child about what country whanau do to get pork sandwiches!

We used the computers to research into how we are going to paint out topographical scenes of Hunua.Look at our models so far.

I had some wonderful children absorbed in their library books. Practice makes for great readers.

Toa and Isi read with me Wacky Wednesday.
Reiya and Anshu read Pighunting. We discussed lots of interesting vocabulary and practiced our fluency.

Logan created this amazing tee shirt picture with the use of imagination and Vivids. She has even washed it and look how great it looks!

No wonder Hayley is a great swimmer. She practices at Helen's School of swimming. She and lots of others are generous and do in water coaching with children who need a little extra help. Thanks everyone.  Swimming is on Mondays.

Look at Ralph freestyle down the pool.

Can you find 5 ways to solve this equation using Match sticks. Give it a whirl. I am hopeless!I managed 3! It can be changed into a subtraction or algebra question.

We had Mathletics professional development tonight. It looks a great tool for home and school.

School for teachers, well fancy that!


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