Ramere 31 Poutu-te -rangi

Friday 31 March

The children enjoyed the swimming competition and were pleased that they had gone. I love their "give it a go " attitude.

Don't forget your box for your diorama.

I came to school with wet hair. Emma took photos at 8.15am. By 9.00am my hair was dry.
The kids came up with the answers as to how this had occurred. They made some great connections!.

No hair driers were used in this experiment!

We blew on the cool window and saw the water vapour.

We even videoed it!

We boiled water and saw the gas or water vapour going from liquid to a gas and back to a liquid when it touched the cool glass lid and the cold metal pot lid.

We saw the gas escape from the pot with the lid, just like water vapour does from our class.

We made 6 equal pots of water and put them in 6 places.
1 in the sun, 1 in the shade, 1 in the wind in the garden, 1 in the pool where it is humid, 2 in the cupboard. 1 is inside a plastic bag. We'll see what happens over the week. 

We predict???

Labelled pots of water to see how the wind, and heat affect them.

Emma got rid of a Preying mantis. and enemy of the monarch butterfly caterpillar. Great job!

The deformed butterfly died. The kids learnt sometimes human intervention actually does more harm than good!

James found a cabbage white butterfly. We compared and contrasted with other NZ butterflies.

Look at all the books we have read.  

Anshu and Reiya are working on understanding the text and are going to make a Porotaka. Then they'll teach everyone else to make one.

Have a great weekend!


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