Rapare 9 Poutu-te-rangi

Thursday 9 March

Well even if we were flooded out and had to come back to school we had a brilliant time.
Look at this compare and contrast.

In Room 10 we did origami from you-tube videos and with Millen's help as well as Maori string games.

In Room 11 we started on our gorgeous thank you cards for all the people associated with our fab camping adventure.

In Room 12 we did trust games with a huge ground sheet.

In Room 13 we had games on the field.

And lastly in Room 14 we had a range of skits in groups that we got from the Internet. It was great fun!

At lunch time we had delicious Butter Chicken and rice, bread rolls, watermelon and apples. Some of us had THIRDS! We nearly popped the food was so delicous and we ate so much. Millen said it was the best ( and 1st) butter chicken dish he'd had and he would LUV to have it again.

You guys ( the Cooks and parents who helped today) were the best!

Thanks Mrs Bartlett for another great day!


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