Ratu 8 Here-turi-koka

Tuesday 8 August

What a busy day we had today. Sam went with Room 12 to the zoo as he had been away yesterday.

We looked at our favourite zoo animal and then thought about what we needed to consider when making an enrichment item for them. We had a school journal  2006 2 Connected with an article called "Sniff, Swing, Swipe" which we read. That gave us some ideas from other schools who had entered the program, on how to stimulate kea and meerkat. It was interesting to see what they had come up with. Simple was the key to the task as children and animals get tired of the task once they have mastered or failed at it.

Then we set about watching you tube clips of their habitat, finding what food they could eat, finding if this was available in NZ, working out a substitute foood for the enrichment toy, thinking about what part of the animals body they could use to use our "toy" paws, nose, claws, tail... and designing something that would be a starting point for an stimulus for a caged Zoo animal to keep it mentally and physically fit.

Here we are hard at work. It was such fun and we can't wait to pick the ideas up tomorrow.

Noah bought in his Savannah. We loved it! Thanks so much!

These were some of the things we saw at the zoo in the Pride-lands

James went onto a you tube site called " Big cats eat watermelons" and "Big cats vers pumpkins". It was amazing. we will see them tomorrow!

Noah let everyone change the scene so the Pride lands was different.

Part of our "At standard" is... "I can read longer texts, understand what I have been reading about over a long period."

Look at the books we chose for reading after lunch. We are reading, not just skimming and scanning the pictures.

Adam, Elliot, Ralph and Jame did their speeches today. James presentation was terrific in his speech about Komodo dragons!

I have spoken to Mr Jukes about Calendar art. He said these images would make great ideas for that job. My calendar art is good, but his is MAGIC!


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