Raapa 30 Here-turi-koka

Wednesday 30 August

Happy birthday Maggie.

See below for Interschool Cross country details.

                                                               Daffodil Day newsletter.
What an amazing effort by everyone on Friday. The weather was kind to us, the kids were motivated and entrepreneurial and you parents got behind all their efforts. I can't thanks you enough!

Dear Staff, Students and our NPS Parents/Whanau,

It is with great excitement that I announce that this year we have collectively raised $6,000.00 to donate to the Cancer Society as a result of our Daffodil Day celebrations last Friday. I am over the moon with all of your hard work and generosity that made this such a fabulous success.

Not only did we have a fun day here at school watching the Kereru and Tui Team concert, eating the lovely food that the Totara kids prepared and playing the games / visiting the Kauri kids stalls, we have raised the most we have ever raised in the history of our Daffodil Day collections to date.

We are blown away by the support and generosity of our school community and are overjoyed to be able to send such a magnificent amount on to the Cancer Society. The money will be forwarded on to the Cancer Society on our behalf this week.

Kind regards,
Jo Gregory

Spelling sites from Miss Pearson to help your child improve their spelling.

Don't forget your APPA money for the fantastic Choir performance.

Lucky book club is out so get your orders in asap.

                           Maths today was division and solving the algebra equations.We were onto it in our                                                                           word problems too.
Out in the garden was a chicken, A brown shaver. The kids alerted me and using some bread, I caught her. We had chicken 101 and everyone had a great time finding out about her. The kids named her Mrs Chixon ( so clever) as she loved to sit on my desk and perch on the computer!

Benji and Api loved her!

Mrs Chixon hard at work sorting out the class!

It's hard to work with a bird on your machinery!

We noticed her scaly feet.We could see where they had evolved from dinosaurs.

Sam fed her. She was ravenous for jam sandwiches.

We made post-it messages and dropped them in Nutsey Ave to find Mrs Chixon's owner.

Room 10 had their assembly full of busy things, songs and dances.

Meredith spoke about selling the "Bars" and chocolates to help raise money for the school.
In 7 weeks time we will have a new level court! Wow, and by the end of October the office should be complete. 

                                  This has just come through for the Interschool Cross country race.

(Willow Park, St Mary’s, Northcote, Sunnybrae  , Onepoto )

Date: Thursday 14 September ( no postponement date ?)

Time: 1.00pm – 2.30pm.

Venue: Harvey Wright Park – Northcote Rugby Club – Birkenhead Ave / Recreation Dr

Assembly: All teams to assemble at venue by 12:45pm .

Course: The cross country course will travel around the perimeter of the  Rugby Fields and lower field (1km course).  This will be clearly marked and marshalled.  All children will be talked through the courses before the races start.

Events: Y4 girls - 1 km (1 lap)
Y4 boys - 1 km (1 lap)
Y5 girls - 1½ km ( 1 ½ laps)
Y5 boys - 1½ km ( 1 ½ laps )
Y6 girls - 2 km (2 laps)
Y6 boys - 2 km (2 laps)

Each school will have 36 runners representing their school.

Competitors: Each school enters 6 runners per event.  Year 4 - 6

Scoring: All of the six runners competing will receive points according to placing.  Points will be tallied and results announced at the end of the day.


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