Ramere 1 Mahuru

Friday 1 September.

Spring is here. Mrs Chixon is settling in at Mrs Williams.

Just heads up that we will have photolife here at school next Wednesday.

We will be doing the Netball, Miniball, Hockey.  The Totara and Kauri choir and the School Leaders.  Plus we will be doing the Tui Team classes.

This year we are not doing all the clubs or the one day sports teams like Swimming and Cricket, the Rippa etc or the Road Patrollers as we do not get enough people wanting to buy those photos if any.

The children will be called up for the photos on Wednesday sometime before 12:00pm

                                                James best reading book at present.

Toa has finished his google Slides Information report on Zebra. He showed Miss Pearson and she was so impressed with his information, and picture choice

Then Cruz and Toa went to show Mrs Blundell's class their fabulous work. Room 12 thought that they were great learners too.

Isi and Toa reading to Room 2. They read so well they are invited back every Monday after lunch to read to them. The Room 2 children loved their fluent, interesting, book choices.

We watched Miss Pearson's class use the top adventure playground and we decided to make up our own fitness activities for that space. It was fun.

Maths today was games, Mathletics, tables learning and multiplication and dividing teaching with me.
The circles were learning how to find a fraction of a set.

1/4 of 24=

1/3 of lollipops are lemon. How many are lemon?

I ate 1/5 of 25 biscuits, how many did I eat?

All of them I guess!

James is working on times tables.

Pippa, Api and Noah are teaching Room 8 to code.

Pippa, Noah and Api went to Room 8 to show them the robot and to help them to make it work. They
are all learning to code at lunch time with Miss Pearson.

Advanced coding club

Beginners coding club.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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