Rahina 28 Here-turi-koka

Monday 28 August

Here are some lovely photos courtesy of the Whineray's from Daffodil Day.They are just finalising the last of the money and will let us know what we raised.

Candy or Cream?
                         Waiting to start. Orange makes a great target, doesn't it Dads and Nanas???
Geared uo and ready to start!

Feast time!

What fun they all had. Thanks Cruz for inviting so many people. Everyone had such a fabulous time,  even though some people have amazing coloured tee shirts and bruises!

Today I wrote this model for the children to observe. 

We did a recount using the features we knew were part of a recount. Good planning, key words, starting words, adverb and ed starters, paragraphs with linked ideas, diamond vocabulary        ( words that are jewels ) alliteration, similes, personification, punctuation, repetition for effect, keeping it interesting and not having every detail, inference. 

Maths was multiplication and division family of facts.

4x6= 24

24 divided by 6=4
24 divided by 4= 6

Word problems:
It is a birthday party and their are 18 cup cakes. There are 9 kids. How many cupcakes will they get each?

18 divided by 9= 2
because 9x2= 18

Library and our great choices

Look out for the brochure for our NPS fundraiser. Chocolate or bars?

Every monday is school for teachers. Todays was reading and we had 2 workshops to attend.
Thanks staff who showed new and/or interesting information.


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