Rapare 10 Here-turi-koka

Thursday 10 August

Speech finalists have to be chosen by tomorrow. Sadly Maggie was away and so we will wait until tomorrow to see if she pops up again, then we can add her to the semi-finalists.

Angus??? (sorry brain freeze is this correct?) was such a dot at the start of the year. Look at the handsome little devil now! He is adorable as are his companions!

Semifinalists waiting for the big announcement!

Maths was multiplication and division.

6 tigers with 4 legs. How many legs altogether?

The zookeeper has 48 blueberries and wants to share them between 6 Red Panda. How many berries will they get each?

Our Inquiry task is coming along really well. Lots of us have finished, published, drawn and are waiting to have photos taken efore sending them to the Zoo to see if they can use any of our ideas. I'll take photos tomorrow.


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