Ramere 25 here-turi-koka

Friday 25 August

Daffodil Day 2017. Snaps from the day.

Thanks to everyone who helped with donations, working on a stall, supplying money to their children and assisting with making their children's stall to be as successful as it was. It was a wonderful experience and one that lives on in children's memories for ever.

We sold 180 ice creams and could have sold more! Well done to Sophie McComb who came to help! Thanks to the ice cream parlor staff, Logan, Malenga, Ordrinice, and Spike for your amazing help. I couldn't have done it without you fantastic people!

The cup stall was a hit!

Pie cream face was a hit of another sort!

Neuf warfare was such fun too.

It was creamy, creamy, stinky!

Great work guys!

Taste test was a blast too!


This was the source of the trouble!

Muddy marbles made money too!

Sponge Bob Twins.

The popular "Bosch balls".

Just where every teacher should be"down the loo."

We even had some "old boys" pop in!

Look at these happy faces!

The dart game in my room was a huge success too.

Things got so busy Adam, Elliot and Dom had to open 2 games of knock the cups down!


Sam can do it, yes he can! Cruz, James and ?? could too!

We were rich! Lucky Cancer Society.

In fact everything was a huge success! 


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