Rapare 9 Here-turi-koka

Wednesday 9 August

Sorry about the lateness of the blog. My dad is having a very bad patch and my sister and I are sharing the afternoon shift at the hospital rest home. We'll wait and see what happens.

Ponsonby Intermediate came to visit today bringing their Road Show. It had a huge variety of talent, singing, drama, band, dance, cherleading, acting. They stayed for an hour and we all really enjoyed the display and things to involve children in their next learning journey. This is on top of their academic, sport, and cultural events.

Cheer leading

                                                    Solo keyboard and modern dance

Drama of "Spy School"

Guitar band

Solos and circus.


The whole Road Show crew. 

This term we are on wet day monitoring the school. kids are rostered on and help, play and enjoy being in other rooms for a wet day.

We revised multiplication problems from the Zoo. There are 6 turtles with 4 legs. How many legs are there altogether?

Then we shared by dividing.
14 bugs divided by 2 meerkats= 7 each

25 pieces of apple divided amongst the 5 Red Pandas? That gives them 5 bits each.

I sorted the groups based on whether they got more than 16 out of 20 for their Times tables warm-up. If they did they were a circle.

If not, they were a square and need to work on X before they get the concept of division.

Reading today was making connections between what we read and the animal we were designing our "enrichment toy" for. The story was called "one fish flavoured iceblock please" and it was set in our very own Auckland zoo.

We also watched a  You tube video, Big cats eat watermelons? and made some connections between that and the text!

Could we use any of the ideas in the book to design our enrichment object?

What did they use?
Would that work for our animal?
How could we change it so it could?
What part of it would need to be changed?
Do we understand the vocabulary used?
Do we understand what the toy looked like for that particular animal?

We shared the text and talked it through with each other and for some with me.

Then we got on with our Inquiry design,think and record!


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