Ratu 29 Here-turi-koka

Tuesday 29 August

Today had an interesting piece in the Herald newspaper about computational children.

This morning before school we had our lessons on the new Mathletics site.

              I'll try to get my head around it and get some more window tasks opened.

Today we looked at what we can and cannot do for writing and the literacy progressions. These are the areas we have to cover.

Today's follow up from our dictionary work yesterday was to read the article, look up any words we did not know, find the key words for the comprehension questions so we could skim and scan and quickly find the answer and answer them in a short sentence.

Helping table

Peer /share.

Working hard.

Independent reading

Helping out where necessary.

Great team work and fab reading skills.

It's tricky to find the meaning of some words.

Lots of children wanted this word list as they felt their spelling could do with some practice. The sheet is coming home tomorrow.

Gymnastics club starts tomorrow morning at 8am in the hall.

Dates for starting and finishing 2018

Cruz has done a fantastic job of showing information as Visual Language by way of his information Report on tigers. Super work Cruz!

Toa and Isi videoed each reading today then they went down to the Juniors to read to them.

I was working with Mr Fowles this afternoon and Mrs Bartlett was in our room. She thought we were just the most gorgeous class. Rm 11 rulz! 


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