Rahina 21 Here-turi-koka

Monday 21 August

My lovely Dad's memorial bookmark.

And so we did plant a tree, 3 in fact!Totara for strength of spirit and mind.

My family, Aunt, Mum, Niall, Garrick, Me, Lara, Mitchie and Mimi the Lab.

My chickens laid an egg the day Dad died
They were delicious!

Thanks so much for your lovely thoughts, cards and emails.

Well done Lisa and Logan.  Charlie came 1st, Oscar 2nd and Mathew 3rd.

Today we went to Te Whare. Mr Jukes is starting the calendar art for me. He is great and the children do not have time to start a big project so this is a super opportunity to use his expertise.
Look at what we are doing.

Maths was probability.Keep learning those Times Tables and going on Mathletics.


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