Ramere 4 Here-turi-koka

Friday 4 August

Yoyo fever has hit.

There are a fair few tangled strings. Thank goodness for my finger nails!

NIS was a lovely showcase to see the opportunities for their children. From singing groups to Pacifica drum groups.
It was great to see how many NPS children were represented in the presenters and groups. Surely something for all tastes and passions. 

Lion dance group

Pacifica Group

Song group.

A video of what was on offer.

Sorry Mr Kelsey for this poor picture. The flip side of that was his welcoming message to all the children regardless of whether they were thinking of going to NIS or not.  

Miss Deerness looked wonderful, Mr Houll  Looked wonderful, Mr Jukes and Mrs E were relieving there and said what a fabulous environment  it was to work in.

Rapper and dancers


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