Rahina 7 Here-turi-koka

Monday 7 August

The wheels on the bus go round and round on their way to the ZOO!

Mrs Dixon's group ready to see the sights.

Lace Monitor lizards.

Cockatoos in the tree.

Turtles and eels.

Snake neck turtles

Look how lucky we were to see them.

Tasmanian Devils

Richie Macaw's ?????

Spider monkeys

Spider monkeys?

Cotton tail tamarin monkeys.

Alligators heat bathing.

The lazy red panda would not wake up so we could see them.

Isi Has the biggest arm spread but not as long as an orangutans.

Sacks for the Orangutans.

Lemurs with their enrichment treat container.


The tigers with the enrichment ball, goat skin as the treat toy.

Read the message on the box.

In the education room.

8 of us could not even weigh as much as half an elephant!

Fifteen flirting flamingos.

Lions watching the goldfish swim around in the moat.

Afternoon tea in the Pride-lands.

The Elephant enclosure.


Seals on the rocks, sunbathing.

On our way out to the bus, passing under the whale rib cage.


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