Rapere 2 Whiringa-a-rangi

Thursday 2 November

What an exciting day it has been!

Girls do coding on Thursday. They love it. Here are some great ideas for Xmas gifts.

We moved our Term 3 inquiry into the cloak bay as we were so proud of it.

Individual Gymnastics results. Note Eva's!

Lisa's dad Wayne won this gold medal for a selection of racket sports. He's a star!

We did Athletics as someone has pinched our swimming spot.

Thanks Sarah Hughes for taking the boys team.

Winners of the gold team medal!

Ralph came 1st overall!

Ralph 3rd

Ralph 1st

1st in the year 5 teams

Toa 2nd in pommel

Cruz and Toa so proud of their achievements.

Thanks Mel Norris. You are amazing!

Well done award winners!

Amelia 1st beam, 2nd bars,

Bronze team medal.

Did you hear the story of Ralph giving one of his gold medals to Cruz???? 
The four boys were in a team and Cruz was number 5.  As Elliot had a stitched foot,  Cruz was alone in a team. The year 5 boys won their team event and Ralph won a gold for High bar.
Ralph said, “We are a team” I feel sad you competed with us and didn't have a team so he  gave Cruz one of his gold medals. I got all drizzly with his kindness and compassion. What a sweet heart! I am be so proud of his kindness and his ability. He is an NPS Star!


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