Raapa 8 Whiringa-a rangi

Tuesday 8 November

Tanks billy for coming in to show us the Video and what we can do to help butterflies

Poetry today was " I am from..." poems. They are lovely. We are printing them out and the children will photograph theirs so you can see their lovely images and descriptions.

Hard at work publishing

SSR before Room 13's Assembly.

Making a waka.

Making a Kalai Tongan ocean going craft.

Finding out the names of the Maori art patterns.

Isi went to the League but had his view blocked by flags. He was pleased Tonga won. Now bring on NZ!

Kit and the chess bug!

Boys reading! Love this.

I love that story and Tara does too.

Room 13's assembly

The people who sold the most chocolates get their prizes! Wonderful effort parents and kids throughout the school. If you have out-standing money can you please return it? Thanks.

Lesser prizes were movie tickets. Well done everyone.

The next FONs fund- raiser is these cute tee shirts. They are in sports fabric and look fantastic. They even are named! You can also buy the hat. They are named too!

Fons you rock. Thanks Tracy Higgott and your team.


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