Ratu 28 Whiringi-a-rangi

Tuesday 28 November

Tomorrow on Wednesday morning Mrs Shong is coming in to have a Chinese morning with us. We are going to learn how to use chop sticks,write our name in Chinese characters, paper cut, make a dictionary and paint blossoms.

Thursday is Grip Day for those who have paid,

Friday Year 6 children who are going to NIS go down for the morning for orientation day.

Friday afternoon the Year 5 children help out with Tui Athletics.

This morning the year 6 children were asked to help on the Kereru athletics activities. While they were doing that, the year 5 children did fitness and then wrote Haiku about it.

The learning intention was to understand syllables in a word so that you can chunk them and decode unknown words.

Haiku are a 3 lined mood poem, that is composed of 17 syllables.
Line 1 has 5 syllables
line 2 has 7 syllables
Line 3 has 5 syllables

It usually is about nature and uses words that create a description in order to make you marvel at the world around us.

After maths was swimming. Not many people bought their togs??????

We are creating or using a quote that  means something to our selves at this point in time. Polo's is our model.

Thanks Sam's mum for the stencils.


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