Rapare 16 Whiringi -a- nuku

Thursday 16 November

Today I was on release, doing the snow-drifts of paperwork that accompany this job. Mr Jukes was in keeping the programme going. Thanks so much for his expertise!

We are in training for November 23rd, ATHLETICS DAY. Look at us go!

Here we are getting organised for our Play Week, next week.

Who's this guy????

Plays and characters


Maggie's back after her funeral in Australia.

Sam you look like a punk rocker!

James immersed in a story.

Acting it out>

Lunchtime fun.

Mr Jukes and the Moriori

Where we feel we have connections to.

A huia, now extinct.

The brainstorm pictures for our narrative, using similes, metaphors and rich language so that the reader believes your story.


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