Ramere 24 Whiringi-a nuku

Friday 24 November

Today everyone was exhausted after a big day out yesterday at Athletics. We have 6 from our room going with me on Monday morning to Athletics so the rest of the children will be split until 12 midday.

Today we did our plays to Room 10. They thought we were fantastic.

For written language we learnt about metaphors. They are like similes but where as you compare thing with a "like or as" in a simile, metaphors compare by saying the object is something different.

Simile: The building towered over us like a giants imposing shadow, making us shiver as the rays of light were blocked.

The eagle was as big as a small plane as it descended through the clouds towards us.

Metaphor: My teacher is a fire breathing dragon with a voice that terrifies us!

Mrs Dixon pierces us with her icy glare if we talk on the mat.

In Maths we are making board games with maths questions all along the game.

The rest of the day was spent doing the nuts and blots of the Kauri end of year.

Go Tonga in the League!!!!


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