Raapa 29 Whiringi-a-nuku

Wednesday 29 November

Tomorrow is "Grip day" for our young leaders. This only involves some students. These children are to be at school at 8am as they are to be in Albany by 9am. Please ensure they have lunch, drinks and shoes for the adventure.

On Friday Year 6 go to NIS from 9.15 to 12.30pm for Orientation day. The Year 5 children help at the Tui athletics on friday afternoon.

Prizegiving is on Thursday 7th November.

Today Mrs Shong who is Malaysian Chinese, came to talk to us about Chinese culture. We loved every minute of it and we thank you so much for giving us insights into what it is to be an immigrant to NZ and how the cultures that you have in your own country are translated back here to NZ  and still have so much value.

Mrs Shong telling us about the treats and money gifts you get when you are a chinese child for special occasions in your red packet.

Dragon puppet



Children's dragon festival mask

Seals and writing equipment

Chinese characters for words


Cut paper decorations cut with a scalpel.

Decorations for luck in red and gold.

Jack the dragon.

Cards wishing people prosperity.

Trying to use chop sticks for our restaurant meal. 

Gun was the teacher.

Jovies for vegetables, blocks for chicken and sweet and sour pork. long blocks for ribs and dumplings.

Paper cutting.

Our name in Chinese.

Writing our name in Chinese was tricky.


Paper birds

Cherry blossoms.


An old pupil of mine Ella Crooks from Year 10 popped in to visit me. She is an amazing singer and song-writer. She played and sang for us. we thought she was wonderful!
Thanks so much.

Ella and her original song. The next Lorde.


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