Ratu 14 Whiringa-a-nuku

Tuesday 14 November

The last Social practice is tomorrow. The Social is on Friday. I am thrilled that everyone is coming as it is part of the Arts curriculum and we have worked so hard to learn the dances. It is such a fun event. Please get your tickets as soon as possible.

I am happy to take children home if you have work or other commitments on the night.

Today we had a practice of our songs for prize-giving. This was the one James wanted! I wonder why?

Today we discussed how poetry used description but so did other forms of writing. To make our writing descriptive we needed, rich language, good vocabulary, similes, metaphors and yet to be discussed personification.

James is bitten by the bookworm bug ( Metaphor) and can't stop reading this author.

We are working on our plays so we can perform them to the class.

For Maths today we counted to 30 using the Maori words. Can your child do it?

Maths today was time problems. If play time starts at 10.15am and lasts for 30 minutes , what time does class restart?

Swimming was arm technique and leg style. We used Dom as our model ( he is a swim squad student and a beautiful swimmer) and peer taught each other. What a difference that 1 on 1 teaching made.

Inquiry today was pre - Maori and the immigration by Polynesians of NZ.

Eva and Emma wanted to know about which dinosaurs lived here before people arrived.

Elliot and Sam wanted to know about Gondwana land and how it separated into continents as we know it.

Elliot and Olivia wanted to find out about how dinosaurs died out.

Cruz wanted to know where early immigrants to NZ came from.

Kit, Spike and Api wanted to find out about Moa.


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