Ramere 10 Whiringa-a-rangi

Friday 10 November

Get your "Social" money in to the office as soon as you can. Mrs Mahan and a trusty, clever lot of helpers will be decorating the hall. It will look a picture!

It was 77 years of the Town Hall choir festival. Wow!

Pippa showed the values kids how Learner qualities is such a help when learning gets tricky.

Dash moves, turns dances and flashes.

Question, could it go up and down the ramp?

What could we do to solve it?

Social practice they are so good. It is a school event and children are expected to come on Friday 17th November at 7pm.

Cheer leading was in our room and the kids couldn't help themselves.

Isi and Toa read to Mrs Rush's class.

It was fun!

For Reading today we analyzed a poem for nouns, verbs and adjectives. We still need more practice but we enjoyed discussing and answering the comprehension questions.

Our "I am from" Poem wall.

Today we set our goals and next steps for Term 4.
Reading  Goal
Writing goal 
Maths Goal
and a social goal.


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