Ramere 1 Hakihea

Friday 1 December

What a great day we had. NIS hosted us so we could see where we were going next year and settle some nerves. The kids can't wait to go!

The year 5s went to a tutorial on how to use adobe and then were wonderfully kind, efficient helpers down at the Tui athletics day. Mrs Rush thanks you all for your assistance. They could not have done it without you!

Choir Pool party is on Monday, bring your togs.

Grip Leadership.

From the grip Young leaders day.

Dom at the grip outing. Thanks parents who went.

Up at Impact church. It was hot but the children really enjoyed it!

Aaliyah's Dad, Sunny Patel with the Prime Minister.

Creativity at work!

Sending our letters to Santa. I'm sure he will be impressed by our punctuation and paragraphs.

Millen made this amasing shape that turns. He is so clever.

We had a wonderful morning at NIS today. It was great catching up with past pupils who were so tall and grown up. What a joy to see nPS kids turn into such stunning young adults!

NIS has fitness every day.

They have games once a week.

They cooked Microwave jam puddings and ate them.

Waiting to start.

Ready steady cook!

Shota on the drums.

Old girls, Kaelyn and April.

The Dragon Team

Maori with Kylie. We played two games Manu and Whaowhao.

Trying to get the feather and a set of abs at the same time.




Xmas trees to take home.

We loved the space where we could do art without having to move everything and they had so much stuff!

The music Room

Chilling after going to NIS.

We had a great day. Thanks to nIS for making us feel so welcome.


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