Ramer 3 Whiringa-a-nuku

Friday 3 November

Choir is in the Town Hall on Wednesday. I'll see you there " Choir Bunnies"! I'm so looking forward to hearing your songs!

As part of our Immigrants bring many skills and cultures to NZ we are discussing the first immigrant to NZ, people of the pacific.

Because we made waka in term 4 the children don't want to make them again, but if your child does, this is the early waka, Polynesians crossed the oceans of the Pacific in.

Thanks Mr Jukes for your great diagram.

Billy made the video and was coming to talk to us about the Butterfly Trust. He'll come next week.

Look at the skill of Emma's Dad. Halloween apple teeth! I love it. The apple is cored and then hand cut!

Sarah Hughes went to North Harbour gymnastics, told them about Ralph's amazing altruistic spirit and so here is Cruz, placing a replacement medal around his neck. Thanks Sarah!

Dance is wonderful fun. Michael makes it such a blast! We all look forward to Friday dancing and the social on Friday 17th November.

Eva made this love heart with little messages inside for her much loved Mum. Ralph knew how to make the hearts and taught several people. Thanks Mate!

Also on 17th November Rachel Bosch is coming to do the japanese tea ceremony with us. It is a very different cultural ceremony. Thanks so much! Kaitlyn has made me origami animals and will teach us how to do thoses as well

Children and some adults say that we do not teach grammar and parts of speech any more. This is incorrect. The reason children don't remember the lessons is that they are not the boring rote of old. Here I am teaching nouns, adjectives and verbs through poetry and written language. Learning intention to use descriptive language AND parts of speech.

These are Diamante poems. Very like cinquains.

1: Noun
2: adjective, adjective
3:Verb with "ing ending"
2 adjective that matches the noun 2 adjective tht match the last letter noun
3 verbs
2 adjectives
1 noun

Not always correct but great efforts and lovely poetry.

We are singing our prize-giving songs on Fridays for 30 mins too.


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