Raapa 22 Whiringa-a-nuku

Wednesday 22 November

Today was our Japanese Day.

We started the day with our Little Red Riding Hood play.

Why Grandma what big teeth you have!

Picnic time

Kit the wolf tied up!

Fitness training for Athletics day tomorrow.

Thanks to Rachel Bosch for coming in and doing the tea ceremony with us.

Getting on the Happy Coat

Tieing the kimono

Bow at the back.

Even the shoes

You could of heard a pin drop the children were so mesmerized by the ritual of cleansing, harmony, respect and purity.

Tasting the sweets and Green Tea.

Getting the Japanese sweets out for us to try.

Tipping the water into the green tea powder.

The principles behind the ceremony.

In our Kimonos

Thanks Rachel, We loved it!

Pouring the cold barley tea and the warm green tea.

Every movement shows reverence to nature, others and has a meaning.

Tasting time. Everyone had to try 2 sips.

Bowing when you meet.

Sophie drew the event. I love it.

Thanks kids!

Then Kaitlyn came in and taught us how to do simple origami. We used You tube to teach us as well.

kaitlyn you rock!

2 rabbit or are they pokemon?

A star and Kit!

We had a fantastic day going to Japa. We can't wait to go for real.


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