Ratu 21 Whiringa-a-nuku

Tuesday 21 November

Don't forget Athletics Day is Thursday. The kids will need: shoes, hats, sun screen, drinks, morning tea and LUNCH.

Reading today was doing our plays to an audience. Here are all the groups. Little Red Riding Hood is the only one to do.We will put them on to Room 10 on Friday morning so hopefully the "props" can stay at school.

Thanks Dom for taking the photos. He also won 2 ribbons in the swim meeting and moved up to Grade (Level) 2 which is amazing. He beat the grade 2 time frame by 7 seconds which was wonderful.

Maths today was subtraction using place value and equal addition to help solve it We revisited easy ones yesterday and moved up to tricky ones today.

to make it easier we try to add onto a number to make it a tidy number or multiple of 10

SO we add 2 to each side of the equation
74 becomes 76 and 38 becomes 40

Now it is easy. 76-40=

NOW it gets tricky

236- 79=
add +1 to each side

but if we change the hundreds into tens we can easily do it
230= 23 tens

23 tens-8 tens=15 tens or 150

check it by adding it together.

157+79= 236

Swimming was fun.

Please return Library books to school as stocktaking is happening next week.


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