Ramere 15 Mahuru

Friday 15 September

On Monday I am writing progressions for Maths, written language and reading with other senior staff so there will be a reliever in Room 11 for part of the day.

Look at our super running stars!

Room 11 stars.

Toa's canoe. It's a beauty!

Mr Jukes was in as I had release for Maths testing.

They learnt to sketch to scale.

Chocolates are coming home today. Please sell them and help fundraise for our kids.

Look at what your money is going to buy. What a step up from thoses bars that have been there forever and how lovely we can have both sporting codes play and utilise the equipment. 

The field was open. Football was the game of the day! They can only use it if they have shorts. There were some very brown legs and bottoms. If you can pack a change of shorts in their bag that would be brilliant. Thanks.

Seeing as we missed our P.E slot this morning we had it at the end of the day playing scatterball and dodgeball.


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