Raapa 27 Mahuru

Wednesday 27 September

Dear Parents,
We are swimming tomorrow (Thursday) at 10am and would love be able to bring our togs.
Also on Friday we would love to have a shared morning tea. If you could send a little something in with your child to celebrate the end of a very hard working term, we would love it.

Many thanks, Robyn Dixon and Room 11.

While we were at finess the crane was lifting the stairs into the new admin block.

For reading today, we discussed the article in the NZ Herald about the 300 billion pieces of plastic that has made its way through the currents to the Artic. Scientists have collected water samples and found thousands of grain sized pieces of plastic in the water. This is impacting on marine and mammals in the area.

Isi and Toa completed their tapa turtles. Aren't they wonderful?

This was our turtle article today. It showed the impact humans have had on a small island tortoise population.

Maths today was finding 1/ 2 and 1/4 of a set.

Halve it and halve it again. OR divide (share ) it evenly between the denominator.

12 divided by 2= 6

We used equipment and then worked out what 1/3 , 1/6, 1/ 5 of a set was.

Some Expert people could understand that if 1/5 of 20 was 4
then 3/ 5 of 20 was 3x4 which made 12!

Today NZCER a wing of the Government assessment group got all Year 6 children to complete a survey on their attitude to school and learning.

It was done privately on the computer and submitted.

Room 19 had their Assembly today, It was great, They had done so much learning and presented so well.

The Totara choir sang. They sang and the soloists were like angels.

They sang "Love, love, love".

The dance crew were out doing their thing!


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