Raapa 20 Mahuru

Wednesday 20 September

                      Some children loved the badminton lessons so Mani sent us a flyer. Look out for it.

Toa and Isi read a purple reader today. They were super stars.

We read the story, The plight of the Sea turtle.

We discussed it and related it to the Pacific Islands and the illustrations to the tapa cloth art work we had.

Then we drew our own Pacifica Sea turtle.

I took a group so that I could see if the level 3 concepts that were in the text were an appropriate level for these readers.

We were all really engrossed in the task.

For inquiry we looked at the Behind the Scenes, big book. We then discussed the good and bad points of zoos

Some of us decided Zoos were a good thing and others that they were not a good thing and then we backed up our ideas. This will lead onto an arguement piece of writing..

Our turtles are looking very beautiful.

We'll finish and colour them lightly in Pacifica colours.

Reiya modelled the cutest little elephant from blue tack. he modelled it from a book illustration.

I had my appraisal today. Thanks to the children who were part of this process with me.


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