Ramere 22 Mahuru

Friday 22 September

Gloss maths testing is continuing. This tells us what strategy your child has to solve word problems and whether they understand the higher order strategy of Multiplication and division.

Last week we wrote narratives. Today we challenged Room 13 to a "read off' .
Each person had to share their stories with at least 3 other people from another class. Then Emma from Rm 13 entertained us with her story. Look at us engrossed in story telling!

Waiting for someone different to read to.

"I'm loving it!" said Mr Fowles.

Everyone was interested in being an author.

For Inquiry we dicussed what are the pros and cons of zoos. We all have an idea as to whether we like or dislike the concept of zoos. Have a read.

Pros and cons for Zoos, by Room 11.

                                                                 Our conservation posters.

We didn't have library as it is closed for stocktaking so we did a book review disc and next Monday we will "sell" our best reads to the kids and see how many people we can get to love our book too. 
People may even look for the book in the Public Library!

We are "book Worms"!

Reiya drew this amazing tapa style turtle. Look at the detail.

Coding club used "makey makey"s to make the game operation work when our batteries were flat. They diverted current through the computer to play it! Clever bunnies.

The only NPS rule is be respectful. Sometimes the children forget this. We are squashed and space deficient so everyone needs to show real self awareness and patience until the field dries and we can run witout the mud factor again.

We discuss these issues of how to be respectful in the class,assembly, and outdoors.

Have a wonderful weekend. 


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