Ratu 19 Mahuru

Tuesday 19 September

Wow! These girls won the A grade Cricket tournament. We are so proud of them. Thanks, Suella and Tony Johnson for managing that team and Tina and Helen Andrews for managing the other team!

I found books in Samoan and Tongan. These may be of use to someone who wants to learn to read Tongan.

I am gloss testing for maths.

We discussed why we had zoos and came up with all these ideas as to why zoos were invented.

For Inquiry we skimmed and scanned the Level 3 journal story, The plight of the sea turtle. Spike gave us another word for plight, Challenge. We then looked at the animal we had studied for our enrichment task. We found that lots of those animals were also challenged in their survival due to habitat removal, pollution, humans, predators and lack of their food.

            We looked at short videos that showed the reasons why sea turtles were challenged.

For Written Language we looked at Brian Falkner's video story starter, "Best first day ever."
We then planned our story and wrote our own making sure we kept in mind the year 5/6 writing processes.


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