Ratu 26 Mahuru

Tuesday 26 September

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, Noah.

Amelia and Cruz are off on holiday. We are so jealous!

                                            We got out to fitness before the rain came.

Look at our strength!

Isi and Toa read with me while the others practiced a Cloze reading piece.

We are getting good at these.

Hard at work. We were all very independent today.

Some of us use these small dictionaries.

Modern readers are fun and this one has rhyming words and Maori phrases in it. What cute illustrations!

Today I took a workshop on direct speech.

Lunch time was a hive of activity.

We finished our Turtle conservation posters. Look how fantastic, eye catching and appealing they are as well as having a wonderful message.

These amazing posters are up on our walls already.

We read about a holiday in the NZ Herald that actually takes you to Malaysian Borneo where you can see orangutan, turtles laying eggs, wildlife, stay in "glamping" accommodation and help clean the beaches of pollution so the wildlife has a chance. 
I'd love to go!

Guess who?????

Dancing girls.


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