Rahina 11 Mahuru

Monday 11 September

It's Maori Language week this week. Pronouncing names of NZ places is a big focus. Does your family say them correctly? Think of the places you go on holiday. Listen to the news readers and how they pronounce them.

Mangawhai? Taupo? Whanganui, Tauranga?
 Think about the vowels in English. Use the soft vowels. a for apple, e for egg, i for insect, o for on, u for  the oo in moo, wh for a soft f, tau for toe. And then give it a go!

Happy birthday Emma! 11 wow!

Noah found the mud puddle!


kowhai are in bloom. It is our National flower and the tui are loving it.

Writing our narratives.

Using the essential words and a dictionary to look up 4 words tocorrect.

The book made connections between the cloze exercise and the narrative.

Working hard to solve the level 3 text cloze comprehension.

Thanks Miss pearson. Wwe loved teaching room 11 how to use Dash the robot.

Badminton was focused on the shuttle-cock. Watching it, foot-work, catching, team work and general fun!

Thanks Mrs Bartlett and Marty for giving us badminton skills.

Isi and Toa went to read to Room 2. Mrs Rush was so impressed by their fluency, re-reading, expression and word knowledge. 


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