Rapare 28 Mahuru

Thursday 28 September

Last day tomorrow.

Have fun Cruz and Sapphire. They are off to Carolina USA tonight. Safe journey!

Shared morning tea is tomorrow, along with costumes, PJ's, onsies ( bring a change as you'll roast)
Soft toy that can be tossed around for "Hampster Ball" and a big smile!

Look at the "Gymmy children" They are such a fantastic bunch and Mel and Sarah think they are so talented.

Fitness was hanging around and running a circuit.

Best Class!


Swimming was fun, goggles, flippers, rings, floaties, noodles all made for a pool a party.

Anshu has taught himself to swim. Dom helped coach him today as Dom is a swim squad person. His stroke is beautiful!

The beautiful fish was captured by the two mean sharks!


Cruz got a medal and a certificate for chess. good job!

Lucia and Millie taught my children how to play the Conservation game" cloak of protection".
I bought 3 sets last year and my kids were addicted to it. Withour conservation theme as our Inquiry, I revisited the game. Now we have more game fans!

Here are our Maori and Pacifica stories. We are reading them to Mrs Rush's class tomorrow! They are super.


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