Rapare 14 Mahuru

Friday 14 September

Don't forget to sell your box of bars for our fantastic,  but needy school.

Gymnastics was on this morning. The kids loved it. This is why we had so many moves at fitness.

What an exciting day it was today, Interschool Cross Country! Thanks to Sophie Cleland who stood in for Emma Lenz as she had an injury.

We did amazingly and came 2nd overall.
Lisa Gear came 1st . Eva came 2nd, Ralph came 1st in the year 5 competition

Maggie came 3rd in the year 6 competition. I was surprised and thrilled at how well the children did as we have not been able to train at all due to the weather and building work. You guys rock!

Photos will follow!

Our reading was about weasels. We could make a great connection between the pest trap boxes we saw at camp and the text.

Maths today was using multiplication and place value to solve equations.

I have 26 bottles of fizzy drink in a box.

The couriers delivers me  4 boxes so now I have 5 boxes. How many cans of drink do I have altogether?

5 groups of (x) 26 makes (=)

5 x 26=
5x20= 100

Your child needs to know all their tables up to their 10 times tables by the end of the term.


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